(Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires, 27th – 29th July 2007) From Friday, 27th to Sunday, 29th July, we met for the first time as a course leader. So far our communication was only by mail or Skype. On Thursday 26th July, Rafael and Cristina Muñoz from Barcelona arrived, and in the afternoon Curitiba Nivaldo and Terezinha Abram did. Rafa Muñoz is a „flown“ person because of his professional activity, but Cristina had never left the European borders, so this was a new and great experience for you. With Rafa and Cristina on Thursday we went on a tour of the endless Buenos Aires, which until now they only knew about photos.


On the same evening, we met all three couples for dinner at our home, to exchange and to agree to the meeting. After that, we brought the family Muñoz to Pedro and Carmen Klobovs (our course brothers of the Cor Christo Unitum course), who have courteously offered accommodation for Rafa and Cristina. Carmen has also helped prepare the meals of these 3 days. For Nivaldo and Terezinha there were sleeping facilities at our home, where we also held the conference. Originally, we were looking for accommodation in some Schoenstatt house or one-day residence, but Providence closed all doors: there was nowhere to be found! This was also a gift from heaven for us, as we were buzzed with the fact that the best place for families, their own home, is near the house sanctuary. In addition, we were able to save some costs for our institute community. On Friday morning our meeting officially began with a spiritual incarnation in our house sanctuary „Armonía de Nazaret“. Terezinha gave the Council a candle with the inscription „CCL“ (Consuno de Comunidad Libre – Council of the Free Community). During our ordination prayer, we lit it for the first time and begged the Holy Spirit to spread its light and fire to all courses in the world. The meeting was very intense as we had many points on our program. Among other topics we dealt with the organization of our tasks, both internally and externally (a digital bulletin), an International Leadership Course in Brazil, a handbook for the course leader, a book of traditions, etc. At 19: At 00 o’clock we went on foot to our parish „Sacred Heart“ (400 meters from home) to conclude the day with the Lord in Massion with our Lord. On Saturday we were allowed to reckon with the presence of our spiritual assistant, Fr Horacio Sosa. In the morning, he gave us two introductory lectures on „spiritual care“ and „our profile as a course leader“. After that, there was time to exchange and answer questions, especially with regard to some doubts about our specific tasks. At 6:00 pm, we finished the working day with a Holy Mass celebrated by Father Horacio at Villa Ballester in the Schoenstatt Shrine „Nazareth“. The fair was designed by us and was open to the Schönstatt family and other family members of the village. It was a beautiful opportunity, with the local families an international face of our community. After the show, we were all invited to his home at Pedro Klobov’s birthday. This was the night a bit short …. because on Sunday very early in the morning we left for Florencio Varela (about 70 km crossing the city of Buenos Aires). There was a festive farewell dinner of our sister Maria Teresa, the former head of the Argentinean province „Nazareth“, who was now called to Schoenstatt as a member of the General Administration of the Virgin Mary, at our National Center of Beauty, the Church of God and the Father. The reunion after 27 years of family Muñoz with Sister Catalina, co-founder of the Schoenstatt movement in Barcelona, ​​was touching. After the Mass and many greetings we went to the Sion Center of the Schoenstatt Fathers and their Shrine, about 1,000 meters from the Marienschwestern. After a guided visit by P.Horacio and a short walk through the 30 hectare site, we returned to Villa Ballester to finish our meeting with specific points and intentions. The farewell dinner was in a typical steak house (300 M from home), where Klobovs family was invited as a thank you for the support we received from them during our blessed meeting. On Monday morning Muñoz flew back to Spain. The Abram family stayed with us one more day to return to Curitiba on Tuesday, July 31st. The intention of our course council is to meet at least once a year, since the positive and important experience of the personal meeting can not be replaced with other means. In July 2008, there are again management meetings in Schönstatt. Would not this be a good opportunity to meet again as a course leader in our home on Mount Nazareth? MPHC !! (Pepo Köstner, 10.8.2007)

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